strike one, strike two, and - Torah portion of Re-ay


strike one, strike two, and - Torah portion of Re-ay

strike - in baseball, trying to get the other side "out"
strike - to hit
strike - to attack
strike - to stop work in protest

So why in the portion of Re-ay does it say -
how to react to a city which turns to IDOLS (something that NEVER happened)
where it says
"strike, and strike it..."

yet elsewhere in the portion it so sweetly says
"open your hand (to the poor)"...

Latest news from here - America says Israel's air strike against the Russian Missiles in Syria missed a few. So? 

Let's look at a little Israel history here: 

The Arabs under the British Mandate held a general strike from April–October 1936.
It was part of the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine. 

Among demands of the strike were Independence for Jerusalem.
The British ordered the demolition of hundreds of homes in Jaffa ...and authorised the Zionist Movement to build a port in Tel Aviv.
Strike - and strike again ...the Arabs, the British - and here we are still today...2013

Now as Reb Shlomo Carlebach used to always say - open your heart...
And this week his student Reb Sholom Brodt of Jerusalem quoted the famous Ohr Hachaim on this portion:

... receive Me into the deepest depth of your heart, 
such that your Neshama (soul) will radiate with My light 
... it is your choice ... If you will ‘hearken’ to the mitzvot of Hashem,
you will bring His holy light into the world,
then all the nations will stream to Yerushalayim and join you in amazing prayer.
But if you don’t, ... they will continue to attack you and blame you for all their ills.

We need to learn the lessons that sometimes you have to strike evil (like in Missiles)
and STRIKE IT AGAIN IF NEED BE (as quoted above fro this portion)
sometimes ...
we have to teach the world to LET LOOSE
OPEN YOUR (their) HANDS (and their hearts) TO HELP
and hopefully the world will some day join us in amazing prayer ...

Thank you Reb Shlomo, then you Reb Sholom, thank you Ohr Hachaim and thank you G-d ...

Shabbat Shalom from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz