Rosh Hashono - how deep do we feel things at 5AM?


Rosh Hashono - how deep do we feel things at 5AM?

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach used to say, 

If you're praying on Rosh Hashono - pray for BIG things -
you don't ask Baron Rothschild for a $500 loan -
you ask for a million dollars for each of those in your family! and friends! and EVERYONE.!

He also said - on Rosh Hashono we PRAY FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD!

And let's face it - the world needs a BIG FIXING today.

In a minute I leave on my 5AM 3 mile walk to pray for "the day before Rosh Hashono" prayers -
and what do you do 5AM for 45 minutes - think of the French Toast you'll have when you come home after prayers? 

Who can think of French Toast at 5AM? -
you gotta be thinking of the MIKVA later and
the starting over - and
THE HOLY TUNES OF ROSH HASHONO that should remind us of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem

as the prophet said
"because MY house is a House of Prayer for ALL the peoples (of the world).

Have a Happy and a Healthy and Sweet New Year and a Head Start on Holiness-
intensify your JOY
and strengthen your special Mitzvas.

Love Shabbos from NY

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz