Pre Yom-Kippur feast

Pre Yom-Kippur feast

Erev Yom Kippur and Shabbos-Shaboson 

Serious stuff - the Highest of the Holy Days - yet where are we spiritually the day before? 

So Hashem gives us a "gift" -and says - EAT TOGETHER before the fast (not like Tisha Bav -= when the Law is to sit on the floor before the fast and eat separate from one another ...) 

This is the Fast of Forgiveness - so we need to put our minds in a forgiving framework - so we sit together... 

As Rabbi Carlebach said
"the evil angel or the evil in our hearts tell us "who needs you?" or "maybe Hashem doesn't need me". 

I met today with an elderly person who KNOWS how he is needed-
and with a YOUNGER person who was afraid NOBODY really needs them ... WHAT A DIFFERENCE 

SO REMEMBER - as Rabbi Carlebach said 

"WOW - DOES G-D need you! Who will fix the world if not with your help?" 

and when we eat together before the fast - look around you and think 

WOW- do we all NEED EACH OTHER - 

and pray for all and everyone this fast day. 

Gmar Tov - may it all be proven to be good in the long run
and Shabbat Shalom - 
may we experience peace 

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz