Portion of VaAyRa - Who is "liberated" and when?

Portion of VaAyRa - Who is "liberated" and when?

Based on a thought for this portion by Rabbi Neria zatza"l - who founded the schools of Bnei Akiva in Israel 

Wow! It's way after the 60's and 70's! And we're all "liberated"!? 

China and Japan (and the US) are still fighting over turf? Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia, and wars, etc.) is liberated? The Middle East (with civilian bombings all over) is "liberated"? 

Why can't they learn from the Torah? That we learn to drink the 4 cups on Passover from: 

In the Bible Story ( 3300 years ago - Joseph interpreting the steward's dreams) - the words "cup of Pharoah) were used 4 times, and in this week's Portion there are 4 words alluding to G-d's liberating Israel from Pharoah. 

The prophet Zacharia's (from 2500 years ago) foretold building the 3rd and FINAL Jewish Temple in Jerusalem - symbolizing the eventual FINAL liberation of Israel and the WORLD 

He writes "a golden "globe" will shine above the Menora"(not the Golden Globe Award I hope) 

And the Medrash Rabbis (2000 years ago) explain the word globe "gulah" - as relating to either the PAIN of Israel suffering their part to bring Israel's liberation, OR that the ACTUAL LIBERATION of Israel will SHINE (to the world) from OUR MENORA 

So let's explain these different ideas of liberation from our Holy Torah as 1. 4 stages of REAL liberation - the Jewish people becoming Holiness-based and "Serving-the-Almighty" - based versus 2. Under for the Steward of wicked Pharoah (or ANY WICKED REGIME - like so many today) - the 4 stages PRELIMINARY to real liberation - working off the ego of the steward took time- UNTIL HE REMEMBERED JOSEPH'S KINDNESS - AND GOT HIM OUT OF PRISON 

and NOW - ??? When will the world remember Israel's kindnesses, inspiration, teaching Afrians to develop their deserts, and creating medical miracles and sending help to Haiti and the Philipines and ... 

Maybe this Shabbos! 

Love from Israel 

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz