Portion of BO - Why didn't Pharoah just have Moses "Disappear"?

Portion of BO - Why didn't Pharoah just have Moses "Disappear"?

This is very deep - the FIRST mitzva (command) to Israel is in this week's portion -
"To prepare for the Passover offering" - and the world still doesn't GET IT!

Why is there SO MUCH DIALOGUE between Pharoah and Moses in the Torah? 

Because G-d is teaching us: THAT's WHAT HE WANTS! 

The Talmud teaches us how HARD it is to correct (or rebuke) someone (like a Pharoah) doing wrong. 

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (zatza"l) teaches us how EASY it is - just TALK with them.
You need to know where they are coming from and improve their take on things - 
and be a partner in their correcting what's wrong.

Pharoah KNEW he needed to learn things from Moses -
so he didn't do the Mafia thing -
but as the Torah says
"he hardened his heart..." - so the communication couldn't get in.

Moses was taught by G-d to try and try again - even to say 

"You will also send sacrifices with us (when we leave)" - teaching -
YOU were a PARTNER in teaching the WORLD about ENDING SLAVERY -
isn't that GREAT?"
hoping to get some real communication-

But in the end - G-d tells Moses the Mitzva "HaChodesh Hazeh Lachem" -
This new thing (Holy Freedom) - it's YOURS - my Israelites -

the world doesn't get it yet. 

Let's pray the world gets it sooner than later. 

Love and Shabbes and Torah from Jerusalem 

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz