parashat ki tisah

parashat ki tisah

Portion of Key Tisah - and Purim Katan (the date of Purim but when there are 2 months of Adar, like now, Purim will be NEXT month). 

Here we read of the Golden Calf - and the Almighty says to Moshe the Teacher (Moses) "Break (the) 2 Tablets and See ME in the Morning" - or does he? Is that what the Almighty wants? 

Joshua and Moshe hear the noise in the camp below - and Joshua (the general) thinks it's a battle. Moses (the Teacher) says "it's just letting off steam" - but they are both woried. 

So they go down, Moses breaks the Ten Commandments - and there is a battle between those who celebrated the Golden Calf Idol and those who stood by the 10 Commandments. 

Like on Purim - there too - there was a great battle - but all the Jews were UNITED. 

In the desert the 2 Tablets were broken - and there was a lot of "letting off steam" - learning to break the bad habbits of slavery and of Egypt . 

But at the Purim in Persia - there were no broken Tablets - and we all accepted the commandments of Purim that Mordechai and Esther gave us. 


Our history is forever - and infinite - and to bring light into the world. 

And time has a holiness to it - if we use it properly - so let's use the time between now and Purim - to prepare for the Purim Mitzvot (a holy meal and Megillah reading and charity)
and to prepare for Passover (buy passover foods, learn about how to make a beautiful Seder ) 

And learn how NOT to break the 10 Commandments. 

Shabat Shalom 

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz