Trumah and Adar and Purim - and who are we really

Trumah and Adar and Purim - and who are we really
The Torah is about Abraham's journey and his childrens' - all the way down to US.
The 2nd thru the 5th Books of the 5 Books of Moses are about Moses' journey - and about US.
On the surface we read this week's Portion and it is about Building a Temple on the shifting sands of the Sinai desert-
As Rabbi Neria wrote - Moses was sent a vision from the Almighty about how the Tabernacle should look. But as the work progressed it did not always seem correct - 
until he realized there were arguments between the worlers!
So he spent time smoothing out the disagreements - and then the pieces of the Tabernacle fit together perfectly.
That is our task individually and as a people  - Am Yisrael - the People of the Book - which is 
the Plan of the Al-mighty!
So - what are the tools?     PURIM teaches that!
As Rebbe Nachman taught -
By joy, by dancing, by clapping to the beat -
and by desiring to bring G-d's Holiness into this world!
As Mordechai Told Esther "Revach V Hatzalah ... Me Makom ..." -
you can interpret his words to her as
" G-d's will is done anyway - so let's be a part of it!"
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
in frozen New York