Beshalach – Walk Like an Egyptian DON'T

Beshalach – Walk Like an Egyptian DON'T
"By the Sea By the Sea by the beautiful (RED) sea …"
The Israelites walked in with trepidation and awe after seeing one of their leaders jump ahead as Moses parted the sea 
in the name of the Almighty
The ego and greed in the hearts of the Egyptians (not even hatred) got them to run ahead – and be destroyed by the raging waters
How were the pyramids built? By love of G-d – or by greed and ego?
How was (and is) the land of Israel built? On appreciation of the MIRACLE of our existence as Jews or Israelites, and the awe of this beautiful land the Almighty  gave us.
And who were the teachers of this appreciation? - OUR MOTHERS
as Rabbi Carlebach taught on the Zohar -  (quoted from Rabbi Brodt of Jerusalem"
As we crossed the sea, Moshe and all of B’nai Yisrael, including Miriam and all the women, sang the 'shirat hayam' (the song of the sea) to Hashem. 
Happy Shabbat Shira - the sabbath of SONG
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz