Portion od Vayera - portion of war and peace - plagues on Egypt?

Portion od Vayera - portion of war and peace - plagues on Egypt?
My friend Rabbi Sholom Brodt wrote about this week's portion to remind us
"Being at Peace is not just NOT being at War"
The children of Israel in Egypt
and the children of Israel today in Israel France Sweden - and yes - in the US
do not just face 9/11 's (and 7/11's) and supermarket murder-sprees-
and college campus demonstrations by Arab-oil-money backed organizations
The WORLD is not at Peace - the world needs "SHABBOS!"
Stop - WORLD - be at PEACE for a day - and see how BLESSED we ALL can be!!!
To whom did G-d tell Moshe to address his statement that he was taking the people out of Egypt?
I don't think I ever heard Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach mention Hitler's name -
Remember Rabbi Carlebach's family miraculously got out of Austria at the last minute -
I was with a group in Vienna with Rabbi Carlebach for a day -
and I felt the anti-Semitism around us-
and our group heard stories of it from the Austrian Jews who acompanied us -
But wherever Rabbi Shlomo went
and with whomever he spoke (one person or a group)
 he brought a little bubble of peace and love and SHABBOS -
as he always said "Real peace you make person to person - not government to government.
So in the begining of the portion the Almighty speaks to Moses and says 
"tell the children of Israel I will save redeem bring out - and bring you ... "
but is the message ONLY to the Israelites? Read between the lines ...
the Almighty does not say "I will destroy them ..."
and in the face of all the non-believers Moses and Aron show the signs - the plagues -
G-d says "I will bring you out with Mishpatim Gedolim" -
Mishpatim - with judgments - against Pharoah
Gedolim - AWESOME ONES - on ALL the people of Egypt - so the WORLD will hear!
The results we can learn when the Egyptians give thanks and presents to the Israelites as they leave - 
see the portion next week.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz