A Torah for the Winter - the Second Book of the Five

A Torah for the Winter - the Second Book of the Five
Portion of Shemos

Is the  burning bush a symbol for eternity - or a flashy way to catch Moses' - and our - eye or imagination?

Pharoah's Daughter saves Moses - why in the world?

Moses kills an egyptian Bully - what got into his head - this guy brought up as an Egyptian?

Moses argues with the Almighty - he sounds too scared to redeem his people - or just wants to stay home with his wife and kids?

There are so many questions - and they're all at the bottom of "what really makes a Jew a Jew (or a non-Jew want to convert)!

Moses is the archetype of Jewish Leader – considerate and kind and brave!
Batya the daughter of Pharoah is the archetype of person who joins the Jewish people – considerate and kind and taking risks (how did she convince Pharoah to let her raise a Jewish child when he was killing all the others?
Aron is the archetype of humble priest – happy for his brother's connection to G-d – and helping to confront the Egyptian taskmasters
Miriam is the wise and brave Jewish woman whose quick response to Pharoah's daughter saves her brother Moses who was floating down the river in a tiny basket...
And G-d -  reflected in the burning bush – the eternal flame, the eternal quest to bring  holiness  INTO THIS WORLD –  
 a challenge to us all to "get Pharoah to let the people go AND BECOME MY SERVANTS IN THIS WORLD "
 It allbegins this week in the portion of Shemos - And the story will continue to unfold in the coming weeks …
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz