Tetzaveh - Make Special Priestly Garments - and on Purim - wear a Mask

Tetzaveh - Make Special Priestly Garments - and on Purim - wear a Mask
Based on a talk by Rabbi Carlebach (with my interpretation)
Amalek and Haman try to bring us down by saying :
Sure you LOOK like you're doing something good,
but on the INSIDE you don't mean it!
This week's portion commands Moses and Aron to have special garments made for the Priests to wear in the Temple
Their MAIN job was to BLESS the people of Israel - 
something that MUST come from the heart.
The garments are to PROTECT us from the OUTSIDE
so that INSIDE the heart would overflow with Blessings.
How did the blessings flow from the priests - and from ALL of us?
How do you wipe out EVIL like Haman's evil?
When your heart Overflows with Blessings.
But if the EVIL AMALEK and HAMAN come to you and say on Purim
"you can't destroy the Evil in the World because Inside you really doesn't WANT to!"
Evil throws DOUBTS at us 
and at our resolve to do GOOD and to BLESS each other.
On Purim you LEARN to tell "old man evil" that:
"Look at me? See the Mask?
See my Jewish Uniform?
It's not just "little old ME" but
that wants to wipe out Evil -
and that's the TRUTH that can't be denied!"
We ALL want evil to be destroyed -
so have NO SELF DOUBTS that we EACH are a PART of wiping out the Evil in the world.
Gutt Shabbos
Gutt Purim
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz