two Questions on :Portion Tzav – Shabat Hagadol (called) the "Great Shabbat" (before Passover) – Is it Really

two Questions on :Portion Tzav – Shabat Hagadol (called) the "Great Shabbat" (before Passover) – Is it Really
Two ideas stick out when thinking about this Tzav portion (it talks mostly of sacrifices of repentance and – at the end – Moses told to bring the people close to the new Tabernacle):
What's so great about this Shabbat? Just because it's a custom to read (much of) the Hagadah the week BEFORE Passover?  Doesn' that get BORING?
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach used to say "let this be the greatest Shabbat you ever had!"
How could he say it every week ? Well, just because that's the way it SHOULD BE! And CAN be with just a little effort – and our CUSTOMS show us the way!
From Rabbi Sholom Brodt's weekly Torah Message: (I paraphrase here)  the Piascetzner Rebbe from Warsaw wrote that "when you accept G-d – you are making G-d GREAT in the world."
When you read the Hagaddah the week BEFORE Passover – and think up questions and answers for talking at the table - you should be doing it to help REALIZE how GREAT the Almighty is – taking us out of Egypt (and pulling us out of every calamity to this day) – and you are then  READY to  fix the world by vocalizing this greatness.
And: From talking with my professor friend who got married this morning (Mazal Tov – a very wonderful wedding you shared with us) who said this morning "why does the world make up all those lies about Israel and blame Jewish  "settlements" for all the woes of the Middle East – like the new war in Yemen the old war in Iraq, and the Syrian murders of 200,000 civilians and the Iran race to atomic weaponry? Isn't it CRAZY? So he said:
Our politicians - just don't say "G-d gave us the land 3000 years ago!" "The World" could never have an answer to that one !"
The "world" can't answer an historical fact – they can lie (as they do with callousness like in World War Two) – but then it's clearly a lie and we needn't give it a thought. They're liars.
So when we realize that and get ready for Passover and remember all the "sin offerings" in the Temple were to START THINGS OVER,
And that the Tabernacle - Temple was dedicated just before Passover – we have PERSPECTIVE on this week's portion and how we make it
 "The Great Great Greatest Shabbat"!
Love and Shabbos - Shabbat Shalom
, Rabbi Andy Eichenholz