Why are there So Many Russian Millionaires in Israel? - This Shabbat Passover Thought of Torah

Why are there So Many Russian Millionaires in Israel? - This Shabbat  Passover Thought of Torah

By now everyone probably knows the joke about how is there an only  "One Page Idiot's Guide to Jewish Holidays in a Nutshell"
One page?
They tried to Destroy us.
G-d saved us.
Let's Eat.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach would say :
Most people have been to seders' where uncle X tells bad jokes, and useless (to say the least ) stories - and you have to smile.
OK - SOMETIMES we're also a little Uncle X.
But tonight we can ALL BE MOSES!  
(And focused like the Russian Immigrants who came to Israel 25-35 years ago - 
to MAKE IT like the American Jews of the last century! BUT be FOCUSED ON OUR MISSION. 
Dress up like Moses with a kittle - or at least a whilte shirt - and be PROUD to be JEWS
Proud NOT to be taken down by the Pharoahs of the world - who view everything in terms of dollars.
and Let's get up before Kiddush - AND get OUT of Egypt! Pray for eah other, and for SPIRITUALITY.
Forget the One Page Idiot's Guide - because WE HAVE A MISSION in this world full of Pharoahs-
and full of falsehoods.
Start by saying "Thank You" to G-d for protecting us from the Egyptians - and the forces of evil.
Say thank you for the miracle of crossing the Red Sea - 
for every day of health - and every loved one-
Thank G-d for the Jews getting out of Russia – and Ethiopia –
And recently - more Jews got out of the Uktraine than we thought SURVIVED 60 years ago!
Make this the deepest Passover ever - each and every one at the seder should:
say what they would have been doing if they were THERE in EGYPT seder night,
a nd each person around the table can
ask 4 questions about the dash to the desert  - getting away from the Egyptian culture -
as opposed to our Torah and Traditions which started our long journey home via that desert!
Have a great seder and Shabbos and Passover
Love from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz