Portion of Emor – What a Feeling!

Portion of Emor – What a Feeling!

How do you feel when you celebrate Lag B'Omer –
The holiday of Rabbi Shimon – and of the Zohar – the mystical torah?

How do you feel staying up to midnight or dawn studying Torah on Shavuos?

I have been at Meron all night on Lag B'Omer,
and have been studying all night on Shavuos for many years,

and the feelings of elation, heavenliness, and being One with the World
are hard to beat.

In Emor we have a portion packed with Temple Rules and Holidays-
Like counting the OMER and celebrating Shavuos -
Including Temple Kohain rules, Holiday ceremonies, donating to the poor-

So with all these Mitzvot described,
How is it that at the end of the portion – someone curses the Almighty?

Now with Shavuos coming up it's good to remember what Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach quoted from Rebbe Nachman

"Better the Tikun said on Shavuos to midnight than the– Kinot on Tisha Bav!"

(In Gematria Tikun (fixing) and Kinot (lamentation) have the same spelling – but are opposites! )
You say prayers so you don't have to lament …!

The person who cursed G-d was the son of an Egyptian,
He got into fights with Israelites - and it seems he
Did not want to be a part of Jewish Ritual.
Maybe it was too hard for him.

So let's learn from Rav Chaim Vital – Kabbalist of the 16th century:

All souls are charged with rewards and punishments according to their deeds.
And as I understand Rav Vital, that
if that person got into trouble – his forebear MAY have been one of the Egyptian guards who carried Sarah to the harem away from Abraham in Egypt!

The punishment  - even in this later generation - would fit the purpose of CLEANSING THE SOUL since his Mother was Jewish and he COULD
Be a part of the People of Israel – but needed a "TIKUN" (fixing)
to make it a part of the total dynamic of the Jewish People's soul!

Let's all celebrate Lag B'Omer and Shavuos
As a vehicle of purifying our souls and being One with the Almighty
And the purpose of Israel!

Shabbat Shalom and Love from Israel

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
Who counted "27 Days of the Omer" last night – and tonight hoping